My current research explores the digital curation of new and emerging forms of digital culture, in particular indie games and electronic literature (e-lit). These are vital cultural forms telling important stories and introducing new artistic methods and techniques, but cultural heritage institutions face serious challenges in collecting, preserving, and providing access to digital literature in the expanded field.

I'm interested in the development of digital curation practices and tools for cultural heritage professionals working with digital cultural works and archival collections in libraries, archives, and museums -- but I strongly believe that these practices and tools need to develop in and through creative communities. My research seeks to foster collaborations between writers, game developers, and other artists working with digital technologies and the cultural heritage institutions that have a responsibility for the long-term stewardship of digital culture. This research continues work that began with my dissertation, which you can find here.

Below is a list of my publications, talks, presentations, and other artifacts of my research. You can visit my author page in the NC DOCKSS Institutional Repository, here, which includes many of my published papers.

For informal (and infrequent) writings related to my research program, along with stray thoughts on comics, games, and other things I'm enjoying, visit my blog.

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