My current research focuses on the information practices of artists creatively working with digital technologies. In particular, I am interested in how artists are using digital and networked technologies to curate these artworks in ways that challenge existing models for how art is disseminated, experienced, and cared for over the long-term. As digital art faces preservation concerns shortly after the point of creation, artists and galleries are often the first stewards of these works. I investigate how artists and gallerists develop emergent repertoires of practices to care for these artworks, and how they find information and learn new skills to carry out these activities. These practices differ in key ways from the preservation and conservation strategies in museums and archives, often involving the active collaboration between artists and the curators running experimental galleries and exhibition spaces.

This research continues work that began with my dissertation, which you can find here.

Below is a list of my publications, talks, presentations, and other artifacts of my research. I'll occassionally post updates about my ongoing research projects on my blog.

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